The Project Coordination Board (PCB) is composed of the NIVB Principal Investigator and representatives (co-investigators) from all participating organisations. The PCB monitors the implementation of planned activities, makes decisions on scientific strategies, and sets quality standards for research team leaders and the performance of their activities. It also oversees the implementation of the strategic priorities and objectives of its individual research teams, the procedural/administrative and financial management of the consortium, and the form and manner of involvement of other institutions.

The International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) is composed of leading, mostly international, experts in relevant fields as well as an economic and legal expert.

The ISAB supervises and evaluates in writing the quality of the project’s technical activities on an annual basis and makes expert recommendations on all research areas. The goal is to improve the quality of research and publication of results for each R&D&I priority area. The board also critically evaluates the potential for applying research outcomes and how to make sure they are best served.

Research management of the NIVB project

The scientific content of the project as well as related activities are jointly managed by principal investigator Zdeněk Hostomský and co-investigator Pavel Plevka, both of whom serve as NIVB research coordinators.

nivb research management

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