Petr Těšina in an interview in Studio ČT24

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“Back in high school, I was fascinated by biology, which is why I decided to study biochemistry and molecular biology. The processes and molecular mechanisms that occur within a cell are truly captivating. It’s an exciting adventure to discover something that no one has seen before,” said Petr Těšina in an interview on Studio ČT24 on the occasion of receiving an ERC grant.

400 young scientists from all over Europe will receive startup grants totaling 628,000,000 euros from the European Union. These grants are intended to support research in the natural as well as social and human sciences. The funds will help young researchers kickstart their own projects and assemble research teams. One of them is Czech scientist Petr Těšina, who is dedicated to structural biology at the CEITEC research center in Brno.

The main goal of Těšina’s project is to better understand the quality control associated with ribosomes in humans. Errors that occur during this process lead to the production of faulty proteins, causing various cellular problems and diseases, especially in nerve tissue.

“This is basic research that is not focused on specific practical applications. Companies do not finance basic research because it’s not profitable for them. They need a specific focus on products that can be manufactured immediately, which is why public money from grants is necessary.

We are paving the way, gaining knowledge for a specific path that could be crucial for a disease (e.g., Huntington’s disease). Only then can it capture the interest of the pharmaceutical industry, which will start developing drugs targeting a specific pathway in the organism described in basic research.”

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