NIVB is a unique research platform that brings together top research institutes from all over the Czech Republic working in the areas of pathogen-host interactions, immunity against viruses and bacteria, and the treatment of viral and bacterial infections.

The National Institute of Virology and Bacteriology (ID Project No. LX22NPO5103) is supported by the Program for Public Research & Development Support for Priority Areas of Medical Sciences and Related Social Sciences – EXCELES, which is funded by the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility, the centrepiece of the NextGenerationEU scheme.

The National Institute of Virology and Bacteriology focuses on basic and applied research of pathogens with significant socio-economic impact. Increasing our knowledge of the mechanisms of pathogen-host interactions and immune responses is key to developing drugs and vaccines against viral and bacterial diseases, some of which require demanding treatment and result in economically impactful measures such as quarantines.

The NIVB strives to identify ways of mitigating the negative effects of these infectious diseases on society while strengthening the resistance of the population and, ultimately, the economy.

Building economic, health and societal resilience is one of the main objectives of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), which drives investment in research, development and innovation in EU Member States.

As a recipient of RFF funds, the NIVB is likewise committed to improving the research, development and innovation capacity of the Czech Republic and, in so doing, the ability of the country to mount an effective response to the occurrence of infectious diseases and minimise their potential impacts.

By achieving and developing an international level of excellence in basic and translational research, the NIVB also aims to foster interinstitutional, interdisciplinary, interregional and international cooperation among the global scientific and medical communities.

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